Federal IP Member for Gippsland; Deputy Opposition Leader

Saturday, January 22, 2005

New Conservative website

The new official website for The Conservatives has been launched. Go and have a LOOK!

Conservatives release workplace relations policy

On January 11th, Opposition Leader and newly appointed Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations, Tamazoid released the Conservative Party's workplace relations policy.

A full copy of the policy can be viewed HERE

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Conservatives release Agricultural Policy

Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Far North Queenslander MHR yesterday released The Conservatives' policy on agriculture.

The policy and comments from both the Shadow Minister and Opposition Leader can be found HERE

Friday, December 10, 2004

Conservative reshuffle

Tamazoid tonight revealed the shakeup that has occurred in The Conservative lineup at the National Press Club in Canberra.

"Thankyou for turning up for this announcement today, I appreciate your interest in The Conservatives. I guess I'll just get straight into it.

"Firstly, it is a pleasure to announce that after caucus having voted, a new Deputy Opposition Leader has been appointed. And that lucky man is none other than Custard Tart, whom I have great faith in to serve The Conservatives well and help achieve our comprehensive vision for a better Australia.

"There has also been a reshuffle of some sorts, as follows:

Tamazoid (Gippsland)
Leader of the Oppositon
Shadow Minister for Environment, Transport & Regional Affairs

Custard Tart (Warringah)
Deputy Opposition Leader
Shadow Treasurer
Shadow Minister for Small Business, Industry, Employment & Workplace Relations

adamj (Lowe)
Chairman of The Conservatives
Shadow Attorney-General
Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs, Citizenship

Brendan (Bennelong)
Shadow Minister for Science & Innovation

darrinh (Sydney)
Shadow Minister for Immigration & Multicultural Affairs

Far North Queenslander (Kennedy)
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Indigenous Affairs
Manager of Opposition Business

Grug (Bowman)
Shadow Minister for Communications & Technology

Gryphon (Pearce)
Shadow Minister for Finance & Administration

Hagar (Menzies)
Shadow Minister for Local Government & Territories

Robert (Indi)
Shadow Minister for Defence, Health, Foreign Affairs & Trade
Chief Whip

ZRFK (Hasluck)
Shadow Minister for Education & Training, Children & Youth Affairs, Arts & Sport
Shadow Minister for Community Services

SDGP abandon human rights

The Leader of the Opposition, Tamazoid has attacked the SDGP over plans to reintroduce compulsory student unionism.

"Well the Education Minister has let the cat out of the bag - in Question Time last night, he admitted to parliament that he intends to reintroduce Compulsory Student Unionism.

"As you'd be aware, it was The Conservatives who successfully passed the legislation to make student unionism voluntary.

"Now the Education Minister wants to violate the basic human rights of university students - the freedom of association.

The Education Minister said:
"The abolition of Voluntary Student Unionism. This measure, introduced by the former Edwards government, has hurt student representation on campus and has weakened their ability to work together and collectively protect their rights."

"The Education Minister should be ashamed of himself. Compulsory student unionism only leads to ineffective unions, which end up being nothing more than a cash cow for a few student politicians. One must wonder why the Education Minister wants to allow for endemic corruption by making student unionism compulsory. Obviously, the SDGP is concerned that the progressive reforms of The Conservatives force student unions to represent the interests of university students effectively, or else people won't pay to join them. More often than not student unions fail to serve students and instead are only a front shop for corrupt officials to embezzle money.

"I refer the Minister for Education to Article 20 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which clearly states people shall not be coerced into joining associations they do not wish to. The minister wants a return to the dark old days where universtiy students are threatened with being failed in their courses unless they pay their student union membership upfront and in full.

"Forcing student unionism on students is very much similar to conscription and communism.

"The SDGP have a record of turning their backs on people, and this list now extends to human rights and university students. A government that does not defend human rights is a government unfit to hold its position.

Conservatives release Small Business policy

The Conservatives have released their policy on small business.

The Opposition Leader told reporters: "This policy demonstrates the committment of The Conservatives to the ability of small business, the backbone of the Australian economy, to continue to thrive in the future. Only under a Conservative Government will small business be successful and continue to expand all around Australia."

"Small business as I said is the backbone of our economy, employing more people than any other market segment. Thus it is of vital importance that we have a plan to ensure the continued success of small business."

A copy of the policy can be seen HERE

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Congratulations INC: Test passed

This morning, I hereby public congratulate The Independent Coalition on waking up to their loopy Green friends and pulling the foundations out from beneath the party they helped return to power barely a day after they did so.

These next few weeks were a test for TIC: whether they would stand up for ordinary Australians, or submit to Green extremism, kowtowing to the loopy deranged of the SDGP.

The Conservatives were quite rightly fearful of what would happen to the Australian Defence Force under another term of extremist socialist government, what would happen to economy with Brizza's plan to drive it into the ground among many other nasty SDGP initiatives.

Today is a victory for common sense, and hopefully it is a lesson to the extremists of the SDGP that their radical, downright stupid agendas just won't wash with ordinary Australians.

On behalf of The Conservatives, I congratulate MrM and Astronaut for finally showing some guts and standing up to the SDGP.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Quit dithering, Prime Minister

The Prime Minister cries foul and makes unsubstantiated allegations of cheating after The Conservatives continue to prove that they are the true party of environmental concern, with their submission of the Plastic Bag Eradication Bill. The Conservatives originally submitted the bill to the Parliamentary Business Committee on 4 November 2004, and again at the new PBC at New Parliament House initially on November 17, and again on November 25 after the House Clerk requested it be rewritten into a specific format.

The Prime Minister now claims that the idea was his and that he had been sitting on it since the beginning of the year. That begs the question: why have the Prime Minister and his party been dithering on such a serious issue for the past twelve months? Plastic bags are one of the biggest environmental blights today, with six billion plastic bags distributed in Australia annually. Unlike the supposed Social Democratic “Green” Party, The Conservatives take the environment and plastic bags seriously and will act swiftly to preserve Australia’s pristine environment.

If the SDGP were serious about environmental protection, and serious about plastic bags, then why didn’t they release their draft bill before The Conservatives? One must wonder what has happened to ‘Green’ meaning environmental concern, and if Brizza’s cohort of extremists has hijacked the term. If the SDGP are going to be so slow on environmental protection, then perhaps they should dump the ‘Green’ part from their name to avoid misleading the public.

At present the SDGP’s environmental record stands at zero. Time and time again, The Conservatives have shown themselves to be the party that stands up for the environment, with the first energy policy released which has now been adopted by the SDGP, and the Cleaner Energy Act which was written by Conservatives, and subsequently passed by the parliament. The record says it all, clear to see for everyone: the SDGP have failed the environment. Australians concerned about the environment have only one option, and that is The Conservatives.

Brizza and the SDGP need to quit whinging and either get behind The Conservatives on environmental protection, or admit they have no right to call themselves green. The real issue at hand is the SDGP’s sluggishness and failure to act for the benefit of the environment, so their deceitful leader has to continue living up to his reputation and spread his lies and hatred of all things Conservative.

Brizza’s allegations against The Conservatives are not only unsubstantiated, but also of a libellous, hurtful nature and the Prime Minister owes all Conservatives an apology for slandering them.

The Conservatives take the environment seriously and will not waste time in acting. Will the SDGP follow suit?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Tamazoid on the John Laws Morning Show (25/11)

Transcript of the Opposition Leader on The John Laws Morning Show.

Laws: This is the John Laws Morning Show, broadcast right across the country, and now we speak with the Opposition Leader, Tamazoid about the latest from parliament and about the party he leads, The Conservarives. Good Morning Tamazoid.

Pleasure to be on this show Lawsy.

Laws: Currently, it appears that parliament is conducting a new ballot for Prime Minister. How do you feel about your chances? Last time I note you only lost it by 2 votes.

That’s right, it was a very close run encounter last time and I think it’ll be very close again. It’ll be a vote decided by the independents.

Laws: Have you been negotiating with the crossbenches for support?

Of course, though I doubt that the SDGP haven’t been doing the same. We’re hopeful of gaining their support, but you never know what happens in politics. Our discussions have been positive though.

Laws: I’ve noticed that many in the SDGP and TIC have been saying that your leadership is near the end of the road so to speak, and that you should be disciplining Robert to save your position.

Look, I just take that as a glowing endorsement of our policies. Our socialist opponents realise that we are the only party with a comprehensive reform agenda to ensure Australia has a prosperous future, so the only thing they can do is fabricate rumours about the people. I know I have the confidence of the party, and Robert has been a strong, loyal deputy who I will continue to work with in the future.

Laws: Last night of course there was an announcement from the government that the Greens and TIC will be continuing their coalition into the next term. What do you make of that?

Regardless they were going to support each other anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference to us. But what it does show is that the Independent Coalition have sold out once again. They are supporting exorbitant tax rises and the destruction of the Australian Defence Force in its current form. They’re endorsing a lot of nasty things, and I pray that they won’t end up with blood on their hands.

Laws: Can you expand on that last comment?

What I’m referring to is the INC’s endorsement of destructive Defence policies, which include not upgrading our airforce to maintain air superiority, and selling off the submarine fleet which makes us extremely vulnerable. The government, especially Arwon, is in it’s own fairy land which will ultimately have repercussions for our national security. This was a test of whether the INC had any principles, whether they were concerned with Australia’s national security, and they’ve failed that test.

Laws: Should you win government, what would be on your agenda?

If I end up with the honour of being Prime Minister, The Conservatives would look to put in place our broad reform agenda that we have made public so far, and during the course of the election we’d be looking to unveil further policies that will be of benefit to all Australians. The Conservatives in government will reform welfare, maintain a strong economy, keep taxes low, reform industrial relations and protect the environment, areas the government has neglected during its term of ineptitude. There are issues important to ordinary Australians that have been neglected, and the Conservatives will look to fix these.

Laws: You’ve spoken much about relieving small business, and MrM has recently said publicly that his party want to abolish payroll tax, which is a policy position you also hold. What do you make of that?

Naturally I welcome the INC developing a policy position, which is pretty rare, and even more so given that it is an endorsement of what The Conservatives want to do. I doubt he would be successful in implementing that however, Brizza and their Green masters have consistently denied that payroll tax inhibits small business.

Laws: On the environment, The Conservatives have certainly been the more proactive party. But the Prime Minister seems to have copied your Plastic Bag Levy Bill.

Whilst I welcome him actually wanting to do something for the environment, it is rather disappointing that he and his party are so devoid of their own ideas that they have to come and blatantly copy Conservative ones. But the public knows which party has the record of preserving the environment, and they will see the Greens have run out of ideas. They have no long-term vision, no reform agenda, except to dismantle our defence forces. And may I just say that this is absolutely shameful of the socialists, and one expects them to perform poorly in the Senate elections as a result.

Laws: The PDP have re-emerged on the political scene, does that affect The Conservatives?

For one it means that we’re no longer the only active non-socialist force in politics. After losing government they seemed to lose direction, and perhaps this is the start of something for them. But time will tell if that happens. Nevertheless I get on quite well with the PDP, and a Conservative Government would look to work together with other parliamentarians to achieve real reform that benefits ordinary Australians.

Laws: Well, we’ll have to leave it there. Opposition Leader, thankyou for your time.

Cheers Lawsy.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I will stand for Gippsland again

The Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Tamazoid MP has announced his intention to seek his return to the next term of parliament as the representative of Gippsland.

Tamazoid has described representing Gippsland as a "thoroughly enjoying, challenging experience," and wishes to "get on with the job," to "fix the many issues that Gippsland wants solutions to."

Frustrated by the bumbling incompetence, sheer recklessness and inactivity of an extremist Green Government, the Opposition Leader told reporters that he was standing again to "make the voices of millions heard by an aloof, arrogant socialist government who think they know what people want when they never talk to anyone outside their little latte-sipping shell."